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The Terroir of our ingredients, our crafting techniques, our commitment to innovation and our passion to indulge our customers comes together to make a taste and texture that’s uniquely Gelista. 

At Gelista, we always strive to use the highest quality ingredients that we can find to make our extensive range of Gelati products. Luckily for Gelista, an 100% family owned Australian business, Australia has a reputation of being one of the world’s most renowned food bowls, so there is a plethora of fresh local produce to choose from. 

When Gelista can not source supply of high quality ingredients locally from Australia, the search is expanded to a global scale. Such is the case for a few flavours in our 570ml retail range including;

  • Bourbon-Madagascar Vanilla sourced from East Timor and other growing regions
  • Cocoa from four famous cocoa growing regions
  • Rich coconut cream from the southern provinces of Thailand

As is outlined in our Brand Story, sourcing and using ingredients with Terroir ensures that a unique taste is achieved that can be definitive of the Gelista brand. 

Kind regards, The Gelista Team