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As an Australian family owned business, we understand that it is extremely important that we continually support local growers and producers. Not only does this ensure the longevity of their business it also aids in making our gelati the quality it is known for. Australia produces a diverse range of high-quality products; thus, it would be senseless to source ingredients from outside of the county. There are a multitude of reasons why we support Australian producers;


Supports the local economy

As money goes back into the economy, Australian producers have the opportunity to expand their business’ and hire more people. As a result, through utilising Australian produce, we are able to contribute to the formation of more jobs for the country and the continuance of local businesses. Gelista fully supports initiatives such as Brand South Australia’s campaign –  I Choose SA, who invest time into promoting local business’ and ensuring that the consumer are aware of products that are supporting local jobs.


High quality Australian ingredients

Australia’s high standards have shaped the countries international reputation as having some of the best agricultural products in the world. At Gelista, we utilise as many local ingredients as we can to produce a premium and indulgent gelati product. This is particularly evident in the origin of the fruit we use. The raspberries for our Coconut with Raspberry Swirl are sourced from Tasmania. The ricotta cheese, figs and honey for our Ricotta Fig and Honey gelati come from South Australia. The mangos for our mango sorbet come from Kensington Pride located in Queensland.


Increase efficiency and innovation

By supporting local we understand that other Australian businesses have the opportunity to contribute to their own businesses. Through enabling them to invest in assets and services that will increase their ability to produce and sell their product. This can aid in making them more innovative and efficient going into the future.

Kind regards

The Gelista Team