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Layered Chocolate and Mint Gelati Cake

Mint and chocolate is a sensationally indulgent flavour. This recipe enables you to combine them to create a dessert that is perfect for a family gathering.

Minutes Preparation



  • Your favourite chocolate sponge cake
  • 4 jars of Gelista’s Peppermint Double Choc
  • Optional: 4 crushed peppermint chocolate bars (for decoration)
  1. Slice the sponge cake into two layers and lay one on a platter.

2. Scoop the gelati from two of the jars and spoon and flatten onto the first layer of the cake.

3. Place the remaining cake layer on top and set the cake into the freezer, leave for 30 minutes.

4. Remove from the freezer.

5. Scoop the remaining gelati from the jars and flatten it on top to form the final layer.

6. Top with the crushed peppermint chocolate bars and serve.

7. Enjoy!

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