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At Gelista, we have been working closely with restaurants and cafés for 10 years and we always look forward to the rush that comes with entering the warmer seasons.

Our National Food Service Manager, Cory Calbert, suggest these four key points to help optimise your Gelati sales not only in Summer, but all year round.

I’ve been in the Ice Cream Industry for many years and have noticed that a number of my most successful customers have benefited immensely from using these four key points. 

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Adding Gelati to desserts, milkshakes and affogatos

Gelista Gelati is the perfect accompaniment to any dessert. Our wide range of flavours makes it easy for you to find one that will compliment any existing dessert menu, or maybe even inspire an indulgent new sweet treat. Check out some of our indulgent Mr Gelista’s Recipes here for some inspiration.

The beautiful pure flavour of our vegan sorbet range and the creamy texture of our dairy based flavours makes the perfect flavouring for milkshakes, spiders or even smoothies. Our Vanilla Bean, Coffee and Dairy Free Vanilla Bean flavours also pairs perfectly in Iced Coffees and Affogatos. You haven’t tried an affogato unless you’ve tried a Gelista Affogato!

Offering your customers new and exciting flavours

At Gelista we are always coming up with new and innovative flavours to delight our customers! Some of the recent Summer additions to our Food Service range include;

  • Lime Spider
  • Raspberry Swirl
  • Pineapple Swirl

All three products feature a refreshing sorbet swirled with Vanilla Bean Gelati. A beautiful mix of taste and textures

These indulgent new flavours add colour and interest to your display cabinet and will keep your customers coming back to your store to see what exciting new flavours you have for them to try!

Get in contact with Cory to hear about the innovative and new flavours that you need in your scooping cabinet now!







Include refreshing dairy free flavours that are in line with the move into Summer                 

The beginning of Summer marks the perfect time for you to evaluate your flavour offering. We often find that consumers are more likely to be looking to purchase sorbets as the weather heats up. Therefore, it is beneficial to swap out some dairy based flavours for refreshing plant-based fruit sorbets such as lemon, raspberry and mango.

Check out our blog post Differences between Gelati and Ice-Cream which explains the difference between Gelati, Ice Cream, Sorbets and Sherbets.

Maintaining your cabinet to make it aesthetically pleasing

Gelato cabinets can take up a lot of space in your restaurant or cafe. However, they can also be aesthetically pleasing if maintained properly and kept well presented. Check out some of our easy tips that you can implement today that will make an instant difference to your Gelati display cabinet

  • Offer a variety of different colours and flavours to create an eye catching display.  Remember, people eat with their eyes!
  • Keep the glass clean on both the inside and out
  • Scoop from the back of the tub to ensure a clean looking display
  • Display flavour tags in even intervals

Gelista service technicians recommend having equipment serviced at least every 6 months and a weekly full defrost to maintain Gelato in its tip top condition

Keep an eye out for our next video outlining the steps to increase the visual appeal of your scooping cabinet

Kind regards,
The Gelista Team