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On Wednesday the 25th of August, Peter Cox, Founder and Managing Director of Gelista, and the Gelista team attended the South Australian Dairy Awards held at the Adelaide Oval. The event was run by the Royal Adelaide Show and the Dairy Industry Association of Australia (DIAA).

We’re very excited to announce Gelista was awarded the following prizes;

‘Champion Ice Cream’
The best ice cream entered into the awards for 2021

‘Most Outstanding Bovine Dairy Exhibit’
The best bovine dairy products (including cheese, yogurt, chocolate and ice cream) entered into the awards for 2021

Both the Champion Ice Cream and Most Outstanding Dairy Product were both awarded to the Gelista Peanut Butter with Chocolate and Caramel Swirl Gelati. This product is both innovative and unique because of its two swirls. This is something no other product in the 500ml Ice Cream / Gelati category in Australia contains. The Peanut Butter with Chocolate and Caramel Swirl is available in the following product sizes; 150ml Jar, 570ml Jar, 5L Food Service Tray, 8L Food Service Tray.

We choose the best peanuts the Kingaroy growing region offers, making a smooth and creamy buttered peanut gelato. Combining this with our fantastic chocolate and caramel swirl is a match made in heaven!

570mL Peanut Butter









We’re also proud that the Gelista Apple and Guava with Salted White Chocolate Sherbet received a Silver Medal. Gelista is known to be the only manufacturer in Australia to produce Sherbet products. A Sherbet is made with both milk and fruit juice to create a unique and refreshing taste and texture.

Sweet apple juice from Australian family owned Nippy’s balances the tangy Guava from Northern

Rivers in this unique Australian sherbet. Our salted white chocolate ripple gives a complexity of flavour that takes this to the next level.









Thank you to the Royal Adelaide Show, the DIAA, the organisers and the judges for the fantastic night.