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After the introduction of the Gelista Durian Gelati twin pack in February 2021, there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Australian Costco members. This resulted in the product selling out nationally in Costco’s 12 Australian stores in just 6 weeks.

Gelista, Australia’s leading Premium Gelati manufacturer, is thrilled to announce their continued relationship with International retail giant Costco.

Gelista’s brand promise of sourcing ingredients with terroir was upheld through finding a source of the highly sought after D24 Durian. The Malaysian D24 Durian fruit, also known as Sultan Durian, is one of the highest qualities and most respected varieties. It has an exceptional creamy texture and a bittersweet taste that Durian lovers long for.

Jenn Yet, Gelista’s National Sales Manager, said “Durian is the King of fruits and I’m excited to continue to work with the team at Costco Australia to produce a Durian Gelati Twin Pack.” “Australia is known for having the best dairy in the world. Adding the creamy D24 Durian creates the best quality Durian Gelati I’ve ever tried” explains Yet. “I grew up in Malaysia, and my Grandfather owned a Durian Farm, so I’ve been eating Durian my whole life! I’ve eaten lots of Durian Gelati / Ice Cream and nothing compares to the Gelista Durian Gelati!”.

The Durian Gelati Multi Pack was shipped from the Gelista Warehouse in Mid May and will appear on Costco Australia shelves from Friday the 28th of May.

Durian lovers are warned to get in quick to avoid disappointment before the Durian Gelati Multi Pack sells out again.