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Have you ever wanted to know what the difference is between Ice Cream and Gelati? Did you know there is also Sherbet and Sorbet varieties.

At Gelista our philosophy is to produce premium products which utilise quality Australian ingredients – that’s what makes Gelista so indulgent. To understand more about the different types of frozen desserts continue reading.



Gelati is usually described as the Italian version of ice cream. However, Gelati contains less cream ensuring a lower overall milk fat percentage. Also, Gelati contains less overrun than other frozen products which means there is less air in the final product. Ultimately meaning that is it denser than ice cream and creates a soft mouth feel. It also ensures that gelati can be stored at higher temperatures than ice cream, contributing to its glossy aesthetic and amplified flavour.

Ice Cream

To be called “ice cream” the frozen product, by Australian law, must contain milk or cream and at least 10% milk fat. Ice cream is generally churned at a higher speed, and the incorporated air results in higher overrun than Gelati. This contributes to a larger percentage of air in the final product.  The higher fat level and light mass (marshmallow like) mouthfeel is characteristic of many Australian commercial ice creams. As a result it must be stored and scooped at lower temperatures than Gelati. This colder temperature also enables the scooper to achieve the traditional ball shape that ice cream is famous for.


The term sorbet refers to the lack of milk within the Gelati.  Most of our fruit range at Gelista are sorbet flavours, which is achieved by substituting milk with fruit puree. The pure fruit taste is refreshing and as a result Gelsita sorbet products are used by many high class restaurants as a palette cleanser, between courses.  Gelista’s sorbet formulations are completely plant based.


Here at Gelista we adopt the American meaning of the word “sherbet”.  Sherbets are a sorbet with a splash of milk and are almost always a citrus based flavour. The added milk creates a pastel coloured final product that is both refreshing and delicious. Sherbets are not widely available within the retail industry because of the technical difficulty of manufacture.  Through rigorous R&D, our team at Gelista has perfected the art of making such a product. This is why when we first introduced our Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate Gelati it was the only sherbet flavour available to consumers within the retail market.

There is an array of different frozen dessert options which consumers can choose from, whether it be Gelati, Ice Cream, Sorbets or Sherbets. Each variety, although they may appear similar, utilises different production methods which ultimately creates a different composition and taste experience  that is unparalleled within the food industry.

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