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The Australian country is remarkable in its capability to harness its unique conditions to produce a wide array of native fruits and flowers. Here at Gelista we understand this and have developed a variety of different flavours to reflect the indigenous Australian fauna and flora.


Mango and Macadamia

Mangoes and Macadamias are both nutritious and delicious. So, why not put them in a Gelati? This exotic flavour is an ode to some of Queenslands finest native ingredients. The Kensington Pride mango Gelati laced with the crunchy macadamias present a balanced and well-rounded vegan option for those who enjoy the combination of smooth and crunchy.


Wattleseed Rocher

Wattleseeds have been utilised for thousands of years by Indigenous Australians in various ways. At Gelista we decided to reimagine the use of these seeds so we crushed them up and added chocolate. The nutty, mild coffee flavour mixed with the rocher chocolate hazelnut is a favourite designed for those who have an unsatisfied chocolate craving.


Lemon and Desert Lime

This exotic flavour combines our traditional lemon sorbet with the Australian Desert Lime to create a refreshing combination which incorporates the perfect amount of zest broken up by the sharp flavour presented by the lime.


Almond and Quandong

The rich red colour of the quandongs provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the soft beige of the almonds in this indulgent flavour which showcases premium South Australian ingredients. Our quandong is purchased direct from the farmer, based in Moonta just north of Adelaide city. The bitter quandong ripple pleasantly complements the sweet and creamy almond flavour, producing a flavour sensation for the tastebuds.


Wild Hibiscus and mixed berries

An exquisite addition to a cocktail but why not try it in gelato. We decided that wild hibiscus would be a perfect flavour addition to mixed berries. Giving us a flavour that is both delicious but still Australian. The tarty sour flavour of the wild hibiscus intertwines with the mixed berries ensuring that this zingy sorbet is achieved – perfect for a hot day.

Macadamia and Kangaroo Island Honey

This sweet Kangaroo Island Honey Gelati makes the perfect base for a sprinkling of macadamia nuts. We then add whole crunchy macadamias to the smooth base adding another dimension to the taste sensation. The Kandgaroo Island honey and macadamia combine to contribute to a classic yet ever delicious flavour combination.


At Gelista we always strive to source as much local produce as possible. Our native flavours are a perfect indication of the devotion that we have to supporting local. It also gives us the opportunity to shape your experience with the Australian native flavours through our passion for indulgence.

Kind regards, the Gelista team