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Apple & Guava Gelati with Citrus Jelly

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This elegant and sophisticated dessert is sure to wow your guests! Apple and Guava with Salted White Chocolate Gelati with Citrus Jelly and Parmesan Crumble. The perfect sweet and savoury flavour sensation!

Minutes Preparation



  • 1 pkt lemon jelly

  • Lemon juice if desired

  • 2 blood orange sliced

  • Apple and Guava with Salted White Chocolate Gelati

  • 3 parmesan biscuits ground up into a crumb

  1. Make jelly according to instructions, squeeze an additional juice of half a lemon into jelly.

2. Allow jelly to cool in fridge – don’t let it set.

3. Put a slice of blood orange in the bottom of two large wine glasses.

4. Pour cooled jelly mixture over the blood orange slice.

5. Return jelly to fridge until set.

6. Using a dessertspoon, make quenelles from the ice cream and place on the top of the jelly.

7. Lightly sprinkle with the parmesan crumble.

8. Enjoy!

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