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Coconut and Raspberry
Mango with Passionfruit Swirl

Refreshing in taste and smooth in texture, world renowned Australian Kensington Pride Mango delivers an authentic flavour and the passionfruit adds an exotic zing to the taste experience.

Coconut with Raspberry Swirl
Coconut with Raspberry Swirl


Australian Ingredients

Mango Sorbet

Mr Gelista’s Favourite Recipe

Raspberry & White Chocolate Bowls

These edible chocolate bowls are easily customisable and save you having to do the dishes at the end of the night. Our dairy free coconut and raspberry swirl gelati compliments the combined chocolate and raspberries in the bowl The combination of the crushed freeze-dried raspberries and white chocolate contributes to a rustic look and contemporary taste, as the strawberries break through the milky chocolate and present their own sweet but crunchy flavour. They are also a great way to finish off a Valentines dinner. Of course, you could just eat them all yourself. 

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Coconut with Raspberry Swirl
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