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Gelista, the South Australian family-owned artisanal gelato manufacturer, is at it again, delighting taste buds with their newest creation, the 150ml Mango with Passionfruit Swirl. With a rich history of crafting exceptional gelato and a commitment to using the finest local ingredients, Gelista continues to push the boundaries of flavour innovation. Before we delve into the delightful Mango with Passionfruit Swirl, let’s remind ourselves of Gelista’s illustrious background. Founded in 2009, this family-owned business quickly earned a reputation for its premium ice cream and gelato products. What sets Gelista apart is its dedication to supporting local Australian producers and using real, high-quality ingredients, ensuring every scoop delivers a taste of authenticity.

Mango with passionfruit Swirl

In September 2022 we launched our first ever sorbet in a jar, our Mango with Passionfruit Swirl rounded our non-dairy 570ml range to six flavours. Here at Gelista, we pride ourselves on using ingredients as fresh and as local as possible. This flavour quickly became a popular choice for Australian independent supermarkets. As a result of its popularity, we decided to make it
available in a smaller single serve size! We are excited to introduce our newest addition to the 150ml range, Mango with Passionfruit Swirl. This sorbet is the perfect combination of vibrant colours, smooth and velvety texture and refreshing taste, making it a perfect treat if you have a desire for a taste of a tropical paradise!

Introducing the New Flavour

The 150ml Mango with Passionfruit Swirl, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and flavour excellence. This exquisite gelato flavor combines the refreshingly sweet taste of world-renowned Australian Kensington Pride Mango with the exotic zing of passionfruit, resulting in a harmonious and delightful taste experience. Mango lovers will be pleased to find that we have captured the essence of the iconic Kensington Pride Mango. Each spoonful bursts with the authentic, sun-ripened flavour of this renowned fruit. The addition of passionfruit swirls introduces a tangy and tropical twist, creating a flavour symphony that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Gelista’s 150ml Mango with Passionfruit Swirl is the latest testament to our dedication to creating exceptional gelato. With a history rooted in innovation, a commitment to using local ingredients, and an unyielding passion for indulging customers, Gelista continues to stand out in the world of artisanal gelato. Gelista’s Mango with Passionfruit Swirl Sorbet will be available in selected stores and Gelista stockists nationwide. Check our stockist map for store locators and additional information on where you can find this tropical delight.

Mango with passionfruit Swirl